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Guests Include Friends and Family!

Guest passes are ideal for both current members and those looking into becoming a member. For those who are not sure what gym to belong to, a pass is the perfect way to get a feel of what membership is like at that facility. If the gym allows those using a guest pass to have access to all that the club offers, you can get a great feel for what daily life is like at that facility. The best way to know where to choose to belong is to give it a test run, swim a lap in the pool, take a group class and try your favorite piece of equipment. If you are already a member, allowing friends and family to experience your gym can be fun and a great way to get your loved ones interested in something you enjoy. Who knows, they may even become a member themselves!

How Do The Guest Passes Work?

Unlike most large scale gyms, guest passes offered to members at Anytime Fitness vary from gym to gym. Each location has its own offer, and most will offer a guest pass for those who request one. Anytime Fitness wants to ensure that its members are kept happy and will be willing to work with you on making your wishes a reality. Some locations may allow one free guest pass automatically before charging, though some never give the options to bring a guest in free of charge. Talk to your local Anytime Fitness to get a better idea of what their policies on guest passes are.

Trial Guest Passes

Generally, Anytime Fitness provides potential members the option of a free, 7-day trial to see all that the facility has for members to utilize. This way, you can get a better idea of whether or not the gym is right for you. Take advantage of this opportunity if you are in the market for a new gym membership!

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