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crunch fitness logoSo you want to get fit? Well, you’re not alone. There’s plenty of places to go to get a good workout, but which is right for you? Research shows being physically fit improves quality of life and makes people feel better about themselves all around. Fitness is an important aspect in keeping up your health, and going to the gym can help you achieve your goals no matter how unfit you think you are!  

Fitness is crucial to everyday wellbeing. Many studies have proven that fitness can help with weight loss and weight management, prevent disease and health conditions, improve your overall mood, help with sleeping, and even boost your energy. It may seem kind of ironic that working out increases your energy because it can tire you out just as easily, but it actually gives you the push to keep going at the end of the day. Plus, can be great fun! Fitness can ensure that you are treating your body right and keep on track for a long and healthy life. Here, we’re going to talk about getting and/or keeping fit at one gym, in particular, Crunch, and see what makes them a great choice.

Who is Crunch Fitness?

Crunch Fitness is a group of gyms that had its start in a New York basement facility in 1989. Crunch Fitness has long since blossomed into a great company, offering gym facilities all around the US and expanding into the world market. Crunch currently has over 400,000 members spread out across all of their facilities. It focuses on making workouts fun for everyone and creating an environment where there no judgement. They have gone to great lengths to combine fitness and entertainment together to make sure that they stick to their philosophy of No Judgement. Programs offered vary from Hip-Hop Aerobics to Co-Ed Wrestling, and even Yoga Cycling. Ultimately, their goal as a gym is to make sure that everyone feels at home when coming to work out!

Crunch Fitness Reviews

We’ve gone over all the benefits of having a membership at Crunch and what kind of offers you’ll get when enjoying their facilities. But what are people really saying about Crunch? Is it really as good as they say it is? Well, reviews have a great habit of not being able to lie, so that really helps in our quest for the truth.

When you search the internet for reviews of Crunch Fitness’ facilities, you’ll find that a lot of people are very pleased with Crunch. Crunch strives to offer a friendly environment for people from many walks of life, and their reviews definitely show it. Members of Crunch have reviewed it as a great place to work out, where the trainers care about them and help move them forward in their fitness goals. The one thing people care about a lot when it comes to reviews is if the reviewer got the bang for their buck that they were looking for. Just skimming through reviews, you will find many pleased reviewers commenting on the affordability of Crunch’s offerings.

What else do people care about when they write reviews?  They want the facilities to be in good shape of course, as well as clean and accessible. Through review after review, you’ll find the opinion of members of Crunch Fitness to be pretty positive. Many like that the facilities are always clean, with ample parking and lots of available lockers. Crunch has been praised for being able to incorporate many other types of equipment in their facilities aside from just the usual gym equipment. One member gave Crunch the thumbs up because she was happy to note there was an MMA cage within the gym, with multiple moveable attachments for functional training.

The location is key! Next, we’ll go over the many key locations available for members. But first it would be good to take note that many members give Crunch good reviews for their convenient locations. If you want to work out, it looks like the reviewers are saying Crunch is the place to go. They already have this location thing pegged down, so why not?

Putting it all together

It has come to that time, we have discussed all the specificities of Crunch Fitness and what it can do for you. Now it’s your turn to decide if it’s the gym for you! Crunch Fitness offers great membership prices starting as low as $9.95/month, as well as a variety of fitness programs and classes that are bound to make every gym-goer happy. If you need to get yourself back into gear with fitness, this could be your place to do it.

Afraid of not being able to motivate yourself on your own? Don’t be a stranger. Get yourself signed up for one of the many classes they offer and meet some new people who are in it for the same reason as you. To stay healthy and in shape. Also, don’t be afraid to take advantage of having your own personal trainer or even join a group training session. Crunch Fitness has so many options it’s hard not to take advantage of at least some of them.

Remember, Crunch also likes to offer their members deals on guest passes, some of their store products and even some of their nutritional solutions. They have the know-how and the supplies to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and enjoying it at the same time. They started small, and you can too! Even if you’re already in great shape, this could be the place for you. It’s already set up for success. All you have to do is go with it! The atmosphere has been reviewed as fun, exciting and new. Get in there and start feeling refreshed.

Together As A Family

Guest passes are also a great way to encourage everyone around you to get involved. The way guest passes are designed, you’ll be able to bring whoever you want and you might find yourself a new workout buddy. We’re sure you could use someone to lift your weights for you, right? When you and your friend have finally completed your workout, you’ll both be able to join the multitude of reviewers who said they really enjoyed Crunch. You’ll become a part of the Crunch family, feeling refreshed, revived and ready to do it again the next day.

And of course, the location really seals the deal. If you can find a great gym, great prices, great people and a great location, what’s not to love? You can enjoy your fast lane city slicker lifestyle in New York and still make a break to get some Crunch time in. Or, you can stop by Crunch on your way to relax on the beach in Miami. The possibilities are whatever you want them to be, and Crunch will be just around the corner waiting for your next lift! Go ahead and get into the spirit, get to know more people, and get in shape. Crunch is the enabler. All it takes is for you to take it in stride to get to where you want to be.

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