crunch fitness membershipCrunch Fitness has a wide variety of membership options tailored to the needs and requirements of different types of gym-goers. Of course, pricing is always an important factor when considering a gym. No one wants to spend too much on a membership, but you also don’t want to spend money and not get enough out of it. So, we’ll break down what the Crunch Fitness memberships look like and what they offer. There are three main pricing categories available to Crunch Fitness members at one of their Crunch facilities: oral dianabol

All Crunch

All Crunch is the top-of-the line membership. It gives you access to all 24 of the Crunch Fitness facilities across the US. The membership is offered at a price of $109.99/month. If you pre-pay for an entire year the membership will cost you $989.91, a 25% discount. If you pay annually, you end up saving almost $30 a month! That’s a pretty good deal to be able to work out wherever and whenever you like, no matter if you’re at home or across the country. If you need to be on the move and still need to keep in shape, whether it’s on a business trip or a vacation, this is the membership for you!

City Crunch

City Crunch is another unique membership option . It allows you to try out any of the Crunch Fitness facilities in the city of your choice. If you happen to be uptown one day and downtown the next day, there’s sure to be a gym near you! These memberships come at the cost of $89.99/month and $809.91/year. Once again prepaying that membership for a whole year ends up saving you close to $25/month. Not a bad deal, that’s for sure! So, if your schedule doesn’t always keep you in the vicinity of the same gym, why not get the City Crunch membership? It’s flexible, just like you’ll be after hitting the gym a couple days a week.

One Crunch

This is your basic membership for any one of Crunch Fitness’ facilities. If you know which gym you want to call home, whether it’s by your house or your work, then this is the membership choice for you. It’s simple, delivers the same results and is the lightest on your wallet. A membership in this category will cost you only $79.99/month, and its annual counterpart just $719.91 a year. Again, paying in advance for the year saves your $20/month! You could definitely use that $20 in savings elsewhere, maybe one of those gigantic chocolate bars, right? Just kidding, you should definitely try and avoid those if you’re trying to stay fit. If you’re looking to find that one gym to call home and get comfortable with, then this is the membership for you!

Those are not the only membership options available though. Crunch has other facilities across the US known as Crunch Essentials. They may not be the full-fledged Crunch facilities that you are used to, but they still offer the same great service, more locations, and reasonable prices. There are three membership levels for these facilities.

Peak Plus:

This is the top tier for Crunch Essentials facilities. This membership offers access to everything the gym has to offer. The membership costs $24.95/month, and the annual pre-paid membership is sold at a price of $344.90. The membership includes:

- Equipment

- Online Nutrition

- Group Fitness Classes

- Free Tanning

- Free HydroMassage

- Free RIDE classes

- Free guest privileges

- Free access to essential locations


This is the package that offers a little bit of everything. It isn’t the full package, but it still offers a lot of goodies. These memberships go at a great price of $19.95/month and offer a pre-paid annual option of $284.90/year. This membership includes a lot of the options from the Peak Plus package but not everything:

- Equipment

- Group Fitness Classes

- Online Nutrition

- Tanning

- HydroMassage

- Free access to essential locations


It is what it says it is. This is the most basic package offered from Crunch Essentials locations. If you only need some basic facilities access, at a location closest to you, then this is the membership you want. It comes at a cost of $9.95/month and an annual pre-pay cost of $164.90/year. Of course, it's not as inclusive as other packages, but it gives you access to:

- Equipment

- Online Nutrition

That’s great and all, but what else can you get out of your membership? Well, Crunch Fitness offers many benefits to becoming a member of their gyms. Crunch offers access to all of their fitness programs in-house from Zumba classes to pretty much any class imaginable. Crunch has definitely opened the road for possibilities within the fitness world. It has put a new spin on fitness by adding an extension of their service called Crunch Live. Crunch Live is offered for free to anyone who holds an All Crunch or City Crunch membership! It is a database of workout videos made by Crunch to be used at home or even when travelling. The most amazing part is it can be viewed on practically any device that you own. Crunch also offers corporate memberships for if you’d like to get your company involved in fitness as well.

Add On Perks:

Crunch Fitness also offers a selection of services that you can add-on to your membership and even have a super fashionable shop where you can buy workout shirts, shorts, pants and accessories. You can sign up for one of their personal one-on-one or group training classes. They also offer private lessons if you’re looking to bring a group of friends or colleagues in to get a communal workout going. As you already can see, there are many great benefits of membership, the best of which is a membership feeling fit in no time!

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