Equinox membershipA membership at an Equinox club is undeniably on the pricier side of gym memberships, but comes with numerous benefits and luxuries that other clubs do not all offer.

The biggest difference between Equinox clubs and other competing gyms is the quality of the facility itself. Each club is modern, with state of the art architecture, furniture, locker rooms, and equipment. You truly feel as though you are living large as a member at Equinox because of how well you and the club are taken care of.

The Equinox Difference

Although each location may offer its own spin on a certain amenity or have additional or be lacking a certain feature, all have more than enough for an off the charts experience. Besides the best equipment, cardio machines, weights in the industry, Equinox locations have personal trainers on site, as well as group classes. Some classes may include, barre, hot yoga, pilates, cycling, and dozens more. Most locations are fit with a basketball court, squash and racquetball courts, an indoor or outdoor lap pool, and a locker room. Lavish towels are placed around each club, and free wireless access is available for members. Some clubs also have a child watching service so that parents can get a workout in without having to worry about getting a sitter as part of their daily routine.

Location Difference

If you haven’t guessed already, these features don’t come cheap. Every Equinox location has different monthly membership fees and initiation and cancellation fees, so the best way to know what the cost of a membership is to go directly to your club’s personal site. By clicking ‘Join’ on the drop down menu of the site, Equinox will calculate what the first two months of a membership at their location will cost.

Highly populated cities whose cost of living is higher than most, typically have higher monthly fees and initiation fees at Equinox, ranging upwards of $200 per month, with a one time $300 initiation fee. In areas where the cost of living may be a little less, around $140-$160 per month with $100-$300 initiation fees are standard. Purchasing a membership that allows you access into clubs around your area instead of just one is possible at Equinox, for an additional monthly fee.

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