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Why Is A Gym Membership Important

So most people frown upon paying for memberships at gyms like 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Curves or Go Total Fitness. People believe that with everything they can access online that there is no need to waste money on a gym membership. The question is how many people are able to maintain their fitness goals all by themselves? Would joining a fitness center give you the incentive to keep to your exercise program? Will the amenities and exercise equipment be worth the investment?

What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Big Gym Like Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness?

If you consider a few hundred to a thousand dollars a year an investment to improve your health something that should not be taken lightly perhaps you should reconsider. According to UK’s Daily Mail the average person spends $1,200 per year on fast food in the United States… unveils that the yearly consumptions of the average American is $1270 each year…  Credit card interest cost Americans about $2,630 annually… Hmmm really do you still think that spending a few hundred on a gym membership is a poor investment when we easily throw our money away?

Experts Assistance

A gym membership gives you access to fitness professionals, like aerobics instructors, personal trainers, and nutritional experts. These fitness specialists are there to help you develop an exercise program, answer questions and improve your technique.


Let’s face it – working out on your own only is fun for so long. It doesn’t take long to get demotivated. The support system that Gold’s Gym can provide with it’s social atmosphere where you can meet others working towards similar goals is unparalleled.


Fitness tests are key to gaging your progress and are offered at ever Gold’s Gym for free initially. If you track progress from the point that you get started each workout will seam of greater value to you. Watching each and every improvement is to be celebrated, because meeting your goals can be one of the most motivating influences when it comes to working out.

Group Classes

Gold’s Gym offers a bunch of different types of group classes. Trying out many of those classes can make your workout routine more fun and something you get excited about doing.

Access To Equipment

Gold’s Gym is known for their wide variety of cutting-edge equipment. They offermany different types of weight machines that work almost all of your body parts. Cardiovascular machines, like bikes, treadmills,ellipticals and stair climbers are also verytypical equipment to be found in each gym. Members are able to enjoy trying out all sorts of equipment to find out what is challenging and works best for them.


The financial investment alone usually is a friendly reminder enough to keep people going to the gym. Also watching others push to failure, reaching greater thresholds may be the inspiration that people just are not able to get working out by themselves.


One of the most common reasons why people get off track with their exercise program is they just get super bored of it. Doing the same thing over and over again is not very challenging. Gold’s Gym gives people access to a variety of options to enhance their working out routine. Be sure to grab a Guest Pass and check out the group classes, weight machines and more to help you get and stay motivated.


Bad weather or no childcare can no longer be the excuse for not being able to get a good workout. Family or friends can be a serious distraction when working out at home. At Gold’s Gym the convenience of being weather proof and family friendly is worth the small price in itself.

Although at a glance gym membership couldpeer to be a “luxury,” bettering your life inside and out can actually keep you from wasting money on unhealthy things like beer or fast food; it can steer you away from making unnecessary purchase on your card just to fill that “void”. So now that you see there is absolutely no good excuse not to join a gym today what are you waiting for? Bottom line – love yourself, handle your budget, and take control of your health.

About Gold’s Gym

One of the oldest and most well known American chain of international co-ed fitness centers, Gold’s Gym caters to the most mixed-gender gyms in the world.  It is privately owned that was purchased in 2004 for $158 Million from Brockway Moran & Partners, by Robert Rowling’s TRT Holdings. The corporate headcounters are in Dallas, Texas. Gold’s gym has more than 700 locations in the United States, the District of Columbia, and many other countries with a membership of more than three and a half million, split almost evenly between guys and girls.

51 years ago Joe Gold started his fist Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California Nowadays there are gyms in 40 states and 30 countries around the globe. Since the 60’s Gold’s Gym has been the authority in the fitness scene. Each fitness center offers a variety of classes and attracts bodybuilders due to the attention from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno’s bodybuilding documentary called “Pumping Iron”.

Soon Gold’s Gym became known for being THE place to checkout the latest up and coming training techniques, so Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes filled the gyms. This exposure was the cause of the great expansion Gold’s gym experienced in the early 80’s.Presently servicing over 3 million globally, today Gold’s Gym is the most popular fitness center on the planet. Gold’s Gym’s motto is to help everyone find his or her own strength; be it as a parent, a cancer patient or an athlete, anyone can succeed in this facility.

Other Cool Things Gold’s Gym Has Going On Right Now

Gold’s Gym Strength Exchange:

The Strength Exchange a hot, interactive, digital platform where all the industry’s best share their Gold’s Gym fitness content. This app has workout articles, gym events and Gold’s Gym famousstories and images it all in one place!

The Juice Bar

For workout fanatics, shakes are almost an essential factor to maximize results. Gold’s Gym juice bars meet many members’ needs by providing a bunch of different types and flavors to match their preferences as well as their fitness goals.

Gold’s Gym Express

Gold’s Gym Express Normal was opened in 2011 as a casual, comfortable fitness environment.  These express fitness centers hold a complete selection of workout equipment, strength and cardio over 17,000 square foot fitness facilities around the world. At these gyms you will have a low cost membership and that is why the amenities are kept to a minimum. Each location is equip with a expert Personal Training Director that will help work with you to reach your personalized fitness goals.

Gold’s Gym myPath App

This is a cool application that gives you digitized access to your Gold’s Gym experience to help you discover your fitness self. This app is available at both the Apple Store and the Android stores.

Gold’s Gym Reviews Don’t Lie

When joining Gold’s Gym members feel taken care of, because they have joined a club where professionals are truly passionate about strengthening their fitness experience. This major fitness center has put together programs like Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute to create a think tank for health and fitness issues for people across the globe. Acts such as this have made members proud to be affiliated with a company that care so much.

All across the web you will notice when trying to find positive reviews about other major fitness chains like 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, and Anytime Fitness that there really is not very many positive reviews going on for them. Whereas; Gold’s Gym is hands down the leading gym of all time according to member reviews. So the question is, how do people slip through the cracks and end up in a club that they don’t like, paying a membership they probably do not use for years?

One of the coolest things about Gold’s Gym is the clubs are accessible to people of all different types backgrounds with different fitness goals. Since there are so many Gold’s Gyms around members are able to tap into a few in or near their area. The gyms are built large, so even when it is busy it doesn’t feel like the place gets too crowded. There are a ton of classes daily to choose from, so again even when it is busy you shouldn’t have trouble slipping into a group session.

Every club holds an essence of a heavy lifting, body building culture, which is a great atmosphere for those that want t take their game to the next level. All in all, expect clean, organized, cutting-edge clubs, with a ton of amenities and many different options to embrace and stretch your fitness level when joining a Gold’s Gym.

The reviews boast about the friendliness of the staff, how fast the equipment gets repaired, how excellent the personal trainers are at driving members to exceed their expectations, and about the convenience of the hours of operation. If you haven’t checked out a Gold’s Gym near you now is the time to do it! Throw the throttle back and kick your fitness into high gear!

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