MVP Sports Clubs: Deals, Discounts & Coupons

MVP sports club discountOne way to save some money when deciding if MVP Sports Club is right for you, is to take your local club up on their year round offer for a free three day membership. Without having to fully commit financially to a monthly membership, you can decide if the facility is right for you, all expenses paid.

An easy way cut costs when purchasing an MVP Sports Club membership is by signing a twelve month agreement. In doing so the enrollment fee is completely taken away, saving you $100 off the bat. The commitment is completely worth it, seeing as MVP Sports Club members tend to stick with the gym long term because of the company’s commitment to keeping up a state of the art space with awesome service.

Setting Themselves Apart

Setting themselves apart from a lot of other fitness and health clubs, MVP Sports Club has an app available for download on iTunes. The app is filled with announcements, fitness tips, and the best part of all? Promotions, coupons, and membership incentives. From discounted training sessions to reduced monthly fees, you are sure to find a deal on the MVP Sports Club app. Come join one of ten facilities, and become 1 of 43,00 members nation wide!

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