Unique Membership Structure

YMCA membership advisorThe YMCA is unique in that those experiencing financial hardship can apply for a scholarship. Standard, paid memberships are also well worthwhile with fees depending on whether you are applying for a single or family membership. Special rates are available to seniors. The specific membership fee that you pay also depends on your membership package. Branch memberships, Gold Memberships, and Platinum memberships are available.

For example, the White Rock Y has a joiner fee of $57 for an individual branch membership followed by monthly dues of $47. Families can sign up for $97 and will pay $63 monthly while seniors can sign up for $25 and need only pay $32 for a couples' membership. Branch memberships include unlimited access to facilities and include fitness classes and floor usage.

Types of Memberships

A gold membership offers full access to multiple branches in a specific area. For example, access to facilities in Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth are all covered in a single Gold membership package. Joiner fees are the same as for branch memberships, and the monthly dues are only slightly higher, with adults paying $57 per month for individual memberships or $84 monthly for a family membership. A senior couple would get this package for $55 monthly while a subscriber to the Silver Sneakers program would pay $77.

Platinum memberships extend the number of gym locations the member has access to still further, and monthly dues are only $2 to $17 more than the gold membership.

As an example, you can view the rates table for the Dallas area YMCAs by clicking here.

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