wellbridge discountsSaving any money wherever you can at Wellbridge is always a success because of the gym’s high price of membership compared to other facilities. Thankfully, Wellbridge is great at incorporating discounts into their business, most of which can be found by checking out their website.

Almost monthly, local Wellbridge clubs will have postings about monetary incentives to become a member, like $0 enrollment fees for signing up by a certain date. Each club also tends to hold special offer days were pilotes classes, or training sessions are held for a discounted price, allowing you to indulge in luxuries that may not otherwise be in the budget. The Wellbridge website for your local club is probably the most reliable, efficient way to find coupons and deals at the club.

Spa & Classes?

However, checking Groupon isn’t always a bad idea if you are looking to get a steal on a package of classes or a spa treatment. Groupon deals for different massages, facials and more seem to be around for most of the year. Sometimes Wellbridge will even throw in guest passes to use after you’ve relaxed at their spa, so that you can really get the full Wellbridge experience. Groupon is a great place to look for deals to give as a gift or to treat yourself to all that Wellbridge has to offer.

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