The Science and Satisfaction Of Circuit Training

Circuit Training allows up to 51.5% of V02 Max

Circuit Training is a science and to have the best possible outcome, a particular set of criteria has to be created and followed. It is not the just a matter of running and jumping, everything has to be designed in a way to have the best possible outcome in an ideal period of time. Circuit training is used in many gyms like Crunch & LA Fitness by multiple personal trainers.  It has proven to work and provides irrefutable data that suggests it is one of the best methods for use in physical training. The benchmark data that has been found to prove that circuit training is ideal is the percentage of VO2 max rate achieved when participating in circuit training programs. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) stated that in order to achieve a rate of intensity ideal for developing and maintaining cardiovascular fitness, the percentage of VO2 max rating should be around 40-85% of VO2 max. Circuit training has been found to fit perfectly into that category with a range of 39-51.5% of VO2 max, thus confirming that circuit training provides an ideal amount of physical fitness to maintain a healthy physique.

Leads To More Than Strength!

After circuit training became hot in several gyms throughout the country a study was conducted.  The study was completed on 72 female college students to test the effects of interval circuit training and interval aerobic training on fitness and body image. The women were placed into three different exercise programs. The first group had aerobic exercise training, followed by interval circuit training and the final group involved no vigorous exercise. This study was taken out over 12 weeks and provided an abundant amount of data relating to fitness and body image related to the specific training programs. After the study had been completed, it was noted that the aerobics and strength training groups showed significant improvement in fitness variables. For the body image variables, it was noted that the women involved in the interval training program had the greatest improvements. The improvements included better overall appearance, health and fitness and its influence and also showed a reduced negative affect. The study concluded that participants involved in the interval circuit training program showed greater results than those participants involved in only aerobic exercises and no exercise test groups.

Can We Maximize Strength and Conditioning? Of course we can!

Similar studies were carried out involving 11 college males who had 11 weeks of resistance training prior to the commencements of the study. The study, similarly to the college females study, had very similar results. Once again the percentage of max VO2 rates fell well within the ACSM’s recommended rate of intensity for effective training at 39-51.5% of VO2 max. The circuit was proven in the males, as it was with the females, that the particular training provided muscular-fitness stimulus that would be found suitable under fitness guidelines. Based off of these results it is safe to assume that training of this caliber is more likely to result in fitness gains for those who are not well trained. It also shows that those fitness levels of moderately or highly trained individual will be maintained within these fitness standards with regards to circuit fitness training. Circuit training can maximize the advantages of not only individual cardio but also can maximize the strength workouts that are incorporated within them. The training provides better conditioning and has been known to have positive psychological benefits.