Natasha Samson

I would highly recommend this site to my friends and family or pretty much anyone actually. I’m sure there is a gym on here for you.

I started my search exactly 72 hours ago. I’ve just returned to America after being abroad for three and a half years. I moved to Kuwait to do some contracting work for an international firm.

About a year into my assignment I realised that I’d started putting on a lot of weight. My wife noticed it too so, needless to say, I was in the gym in a flash. Over there it was pretty convenient, the company’s office building had a gym on the top floor. So after clocking out from work -or some days even before- I’d make sure to work out everyday.

I was looking for a similar level of convenience here and got “lucky” that there was a gym across the street from our new apartment, but when I went in I found that the atmosphere was all off. It didn’t feel like a pleasant experience; stuff was dirty and disorganized, and the staff had terrible attitudes.

Went home sour and jumped straight on google hoping to find something equally convenient but of higher quality.


So I searched for gym locators and stumbled across Poked around on here and realized it was super convenient to make a choice. I found five new options that I thought would be worth the short commute (about five minutes each). That was last Sunday. 

Went back onto the site the following Monday and found a new gym that had just opened up that day. It was literally one block away and pretty small. There were no reviews, but pre-rated it highly so I figured I’d chance it and was relly happy with the service there.

Hat’s off to you