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Maximize Your Potential With 24 Hour Fitness

Kick your fitness program off in the right way with 24 Hour Fitness’ premium exercise equipment, workout card, daily food journal, classes, and training. The tools this company offers is meant to aid your exercise routine and keep you on track with your personal and fitness goals. Sticking to a regular workout schedule and nutritional program will give you the fastest results. 24 Hour Fitness can provide you the support you need to better your life inside and out.

Benefits of Joining 24 Hour Fitness

Finding the right fitness buddy’s can motivate you to keep working out. 24 Hour Fitness offers a personal training program and group classes that hold you accountable pushing you to greater limits. The 24 Hour Fitness focus is to help people to live healthier lives, starting inside the club, by motivating members to reach their individual goals. More than 450 locations provide studio classes, personal training and the premier exercise equipment to meet a variety of needs.

24 Hour Fitness provides a plethora of perks to enhance the entire experience such as:

Free 30-Day Nutritional Program

This gym offers a Free 30-Day Nutritional Program Trial that will help you learn how to reach your fitness goals more effectively by eating healthier foods. This digital nutritional program aids you by conveniently tracking caloric intake and the calories you burn daily. Don’t think that just because you are exercising you can get away with eating more food.  You will simply end up taking in unwanted calories. While exercise does speed up your metabolism, the increase is not noticeably large. You don’t need to make a conscious effort to increase your food intake unless you are working out for more than a few hours a day. A designated trainer will assist you with creating a comprehensive 12-week plan based on your personal goals and fitness level to deliver the results desired.

Cardless Check-in

Checking in this way is a convenient perk that allows members to enter a check-in code and scan their finger to access the gym. This way you never have to worry about:

  1. Your membership card getting lost or stolen
  2. Harming the environment by wasting paper and plastic
  3. Bringing a photo ID to check-in

It’s easy to enroll in cardless check-in, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Just ask any front desk 24 Hour Fitness team members to help you enroll. They will help you create a 10-digit check-in code and then they will take a few scans of both of your index fingers. This way you can always scan in when the other hand is busy.

Cardless Check-in is a safe and secure process where 24 Hour Fitness does not store your actual fingerprints. While scanning your finger, the distance between a few distinct points that are unique to you are detected and generate an identifying number based. If you don’t want to participate in this check-in process, you can always check in without a membership card by showing your driver’s license, another government or school-issued ID each time you check into the gym.

Kids’ Club

24 Hour Fitness is an experience that the whole family can enjoy! Children, ages six months through 11 years, are welcomed to Kids’ Club as long as a guardian is present with their ID and takes care of the fees at check-in. Fees for the program vary per location. A child can participate up to 2 hours per day in this program. To find the Kid’s Club hours, your will need to check on your club website or call the front desk.

Kid’s Club always welcomes each and every child. 24 Hour Fitness staff members work with each and every family to accommodate children with special needs. If a child under 4 needs to have their diaper changed, needs assistance with the restroom or needs to be bottle-fed you will be paged to Kid’s Club to take care of the child’s needs.

24 Hour Fitness takes the safety of each child seriously. An Information Card must be filled out, and an agreement must be signed while checking in any child. Only the parent or guardian that check the child in is allowed to check the child out unless it is an emergency; in which case the emergency contact listed or the police are allowed to check out the child.

About 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is the largest fitness center chain, striving to “Improve lives through fitness” this company is number 3 of clubs following Gold’s Gym and Fitness First. In 1983 24 Hour Fitness started from a single club called 24 Hour Nautilus, founded my Mark Mastrov and Leonard Schlemm. Dean Moloney and Mark Golob locked arms with Mastrov to increase public awareness of the fitness center by featuring celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson and, Pamela Anderson. That exposure increased the club’s popularity.  In 2008, Mastrov sold the company to Forstmann Little and Company for $1.6 billion. Then in 2014, the AEA Investors LP and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan purchased the chain for a reported $1.85.

This fitness club recognizes that exercise can be a positive and uplifting part of anyone’s day and that every member has his or her unique set of goals. People join the gym for many different reasons such as weight loss, weight training, muscle building or just to improve health. 24 Hour Fitness firmly believes that there is an athlete in each and every person, and that is why this company delivers a variety of affordable fitness centers across the country.

“This 24 hours Fitness Club in New York City is simply the best Gym “center” you could find. Personally, I have kids, and it is a hard task going to the gym when you have to find a babysitter. However, 24Hour Fitness made it possible for me to leave my kids at their Kids’ Club while I work out. They truly enjoy themselves while I get the best any Gym can offer. Recommending this club to all my friends! Great service from a nice staff!”

24 Hour Fitness Reviews – New York, NY 10002,
(Access February 11, 2016)

24 Hour Fitness, a premier health club, has over 450 fitness centers in 18 states that serve over 4 million members and 20,000 team members in the United States. Headquartered out of San Ramon, California; this company has catered to people helping them reach a variety of fitness goals offering an assortment of training equipment. Fitness does not have to be a like a daily chore. Putting in just a bit of time every day will pay off. Exercising improves your physical condition and mental well-being, and this is the foundation for 24 Hours existence. Additionally, each club provides group exercise classes and personal training services. All in all, there is something for everyone at 24 Hour Fitness.

As a supporter of the community, 24 Hour strives to help members to live fit and healthy lives by providing them with fun, inspirational experiences, and events. 24 Hour Fitness also is one of the largest supporters of amateur athletics in the country. In the 2012 and 2014 U.S. Olympics, this company served as the Official Fitness Center Sponsor for Paralympic Teams in London and Sochi. 24 Hour Fitness supported Team USA at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

24 Hour Fitness Review

While reviewing a gym, you will find it has everything from group classes, personal training to state-of-the-art equipment. 24 Hour Fitness believes that “When mind, body, and soul work together in harmony to make you stronger, happier and healthier, we don’t just call it a better life, we call it a balanced life.” Uncovering the best of you, both inside and outside of the gym is the 24Life philosophy. You will find that by strengthening your mindset and nourishing your body that you will be able to move forward with life like never before. 24Life focuses on helping you establish healthy four lifestyle pillars: Regeneration, Movement, Mindset and Nourishment. What you achieve at your 24 Hour gym will empower you to live your best life right now!

Customer reviews have shown that 24 Hour fitness members often are active in the gym for almost ten years. Usually after testing out other gyms like LA Fitness, Bally Totally Fitness and Gold’s Gym people decide to grab a free pass and join their friends at a 24 Hour Fitness gym close to them. If you are in a state with multiple locations, then you can check out different locations using different guest passes till you find the facility that suits you best.  Guests tend to enjoy exploring the different amenities each gym has to offer.

Joining a gym is a commitment that most people take seriously, and that is why a fair majority of the United States have proudly chosen to join 24 Hour Fitness. Members find that as they walk into a club friendly team members consistently greet them immediately. Each member is provided a free consultation with a private trainer or staff member where they have their measurements taken and can map out fitness goals. Members have expressed this type of care to open their mind while stepping into personal training sessions or joining the group classes for accountability.

Most members join because their friends are members of 24 Hour Fitness.  For customers that have played sports, accountability is an important aspect of fitness that is experienced exercising with friends a club. Having sessions with a personal trainer also helps with accountability. In fact, people love their personal training sessions so much that they often purchase more sessions.  Members boast that their overall experience is a positive one and that knowledgeable people work at these gyms and genuinely cares for each customer. You will find that your trainer will make it their goal to help you mentally and physically. If you’re willing to strive for success, 24 Hour personal trainers have your back.

Other members boasted about hitting their target body fat percentage, from 30% to 19%, in less than sixty days! The personal trainers are so personable that there is no need for any member to feel embarrassed while getting their measurements taken or feeling so out of shape before in their entire life. Each trainer will make you feel comfortable by assuring you that you will be able to accede any goal that meets with proper exercise and a healthy diet.

Going full throttle by diving into a 30-day full body cleanse has given members optimal results. To make the most of your investment; it is best to treat your body the very best that you possibly can inside and out. When you cleanse it speeds up your metabolism, helps you burn fat faster and everything in your body functions better.  After workouts, club members have boasted that they would enjoy a shot of wheatgrass from the nearest Jamba Juice and sucking down a protein shake to replenish their muscle tissue. 24 Hour Fitness understands what people need, so the company takes into account where they place their locations. Having healthy, nutritious alternative to consume after a hardcore workout is one of 24 Hour Fitness’ considerations.

“Train as a group. Succeed as a team” is a motto that 24 Hour Fitness upholds. Members have been enjoying group classes; like, yoga and regeneration; cardio, cycling and dance; conditioning, barre, and palates; athletic training and martial arts. People have thoroughly enjoyed having the choice between restoration yoga, dynamic vinyasa practice, and sustained hatha to strengthen the core. The yoga classes have delivered lasting results for members simply because group instructors drive members are driven to stick with their programs. Others have said that the high-intensity athletic training is the most motivating class 24 Hour Fitness has. All in all, it is important to set your goals and do what it takes to accomplish them.

Across the web, there are reviews of 24 Hour Fitness staff members boasting about the gym. Staff members are taught time management skills to remain flexible, to deal with ambiguity for day to day. The synchronicity that team members exude truly makes customers feel as though they are in good hands. Being able to trust your personal trainer’s expertise, the functionality of the equipment, and the gym is cleanliness makes for a comfortable workout experience. Members have found that 24 Hour Fitness is the most reliable gym available that helps them meet and exceed their goals across the board.

If membership costs, quality equipment, personal training, hard-core group classes, a nutritional program and access to a pool, hot tub, and sauna are things that you are looking for in a gym, then 24 Hour Fitness may be the right choice for you. Thousands of members across the United States agree that 24 Hour Fitness is and always will be the number one gym to meet fitness goals.

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