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Equinox Membership, Discounts & Guest Pass Info

A membership to any given Equinox club will differ, but can be determined by visiting the club’s personal website. In highly populated areas, monthly fees tend to be around $200, with an even higher initiation fee. Other clubs may lie somewhere between $140 to $160, with a similar initiation fee mentioned above. One great thing about an Equinox membership is that there is another option available that allows the member into clubs in the surrounding area, instead of just at one location. These fees are higher, but are well worth it for those of us constantly on the go.

Deals and discounts are difficult to find because of the reputation Equinox has built for being pricey. Checking their website, specifically a certain club’s website is the best way to find any deal that club may be offering, usually catered to potential members. Equinox does offer a seven day trial pass for people looking into potentially joining, that allows them full access to all that the club has to offer. There is a small, refundable fee for this guest pass, but is well worth it for those seriously considering Equinox.

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