Gymsight Scholarship Opportunity

Who Are We

Gymsight is a website created so people across the country are able to gather information and access many great gyms in the US. We have you covered from membership fees to locations near you and even access to honest user reviews! Of course, we also offer access to deals and guest passes for many of your top gym choices. Gym Sight will help you find the perfect gym for your needs. To choose the best gym for you, you’ll want to find one that has all the equipment, classes, amenities, training and/or coaching and even the one that has rules that appeal more to your liking. Like having the ability to bring your kids with you to the gym or having 24hr access to the facilities. You can probably imagine that finding a gym with the right culture for you is absolutely critical to YOUR experience. Maybe you’re just starting out and would like an environment that nurtures newcomers to the fitness world.  Maybe you’re a fitness veteran and are looking for a nest of like-minded people to train with and push you beyond Demi-god status into realms of the unknown.know and understand the importance of education in today’s world in order to be successful.

Here to Help

We at Gymsight are dedicated to helping those who are comitted to making their life better through finding exercise! Gymsight understands the struggle of trying to find a gym that best fits what they want to accomplish. Whether it is price, amenities,  location, or more; we are here to help.

Reward & Experience

Gymsight will be awarding two students a grant of $750 to assist in paying for necessities such as a bike, gym membership (outside of the rec), a meal preparation, text books, tuition or other fees students deal with.  The two students will be chosen based upon our criteria for who we see best fit to receive our scholarship.

Fit For You?!

The first student to be awarded will be a high school senior attending a four year university in the spring, and the second awarded to a current university student.

How To Apply

The scholarships will be awarded to the student who can best describe importance of exercising and staying active in 500 hundred words or less, who also fits into the following criteria:

If interested: Please feel free to reach out scholarship@


  1. A student graduating high school and attending a four year university majoring or minoring in Nutrition, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or is on a club/collegiate athletic team
  2. A full time student enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester in good academic standing
  3. A student who has a small background in exercise/fitness
  1. Two $750 scholarships will be awarded to by Gymsight whom we see best fit
  2. Submission deadline is Jan 1st, 2017 for students attending please
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