24 Hour Fitness: Membership, Fees, Discounts, Costs/Pricing

24 hour fitness membershipExceptionally affordable memberships include access to 450 plus exercise clubs most of which are open 24 hours each day. Clubs offer top of the line equipment, an online nutrition platform, focused groups sessions and over 4500 personal trainers at hand.  Organization is essential if you want to reach your goals effectively. Designating a workout routine at 24 Hour Fitness will help you with your everyday life. Amenities such as swimming pools, heated lap pools, saunas, and whirlpools to basketball, volleyball and racquetball are there for the taking.

Fees vary depending on location and membership type. 24 Hour Fitness offers everything from high-end mid-sized Active, Express, Fit Live locations to Ultra Sports locations. Packages cover single club and all 24 Hour Fitness clubs membership. You can pay monthly or upfront covering 90 days up to three years. The initiation fee is usually free. Single club or multiple club access levels have different costs that average:

  • One Club access with monthly payment is $90.99
  • Pre-pay [Each cost $169.99]
  • 14-Day Limited-Term + 1 PT Session
  • 30-Day Limited Term and 14-Day Limited
  • 1-Year Limited-Term costs $899.99
  • 2-Year Limited-Term $1,349.99
  • Multiple Clubs [Monthly only]
  • Keep Fit All- Club Ultra-Sport Costing $94.99 Monthly
  • Keep Fit All-Club Ultra-Sport Loyalty Reward Monthly Payment is priced $74.99
  • Keep Fit All-Club Ultra-Sport is $74.99 fo Loyalty Premium

Here are examples of pricing across the country:

New York City:

  • $44.99 a month for the basic club

Upfront charges are $99.77

  • $64.99 is a month for Ultra Sport

Upfront charges are $159.97

St. Louis:

  • $29.99 a month

Upfront charges are around $76

Los Angeles:

  • $29.99 per month for the basic club

Upfront charges are $69.97

  • $39.99 a month for the most premiere club

Upfront charges are $89.97

Go ahead and log in to Check Our Prices to check out the pricing anytime, anywhere of locations convenient to you. You can use your smart phone to download the My24 app to get your membership started. You can also get pricing on the phone toll-free by calling 1.888.243.5002 Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm or Saturday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Coast Time.

Online Enrolment

Online enrollment allows you to purchase a membership at clubs within 50 miles of your residence. The different club levels are Active, Sport, Super-Sport and Ultra-Sport. Jump online to the Club Finder to pick the perfect 24 Hour Fitness for you offering the club access level desired. The club finder will disclose amenities offered at each location.

Whether you are on the go or would like to stay close to home, there are two memberships types to accommodate your needs.  By selecting a One-Club membership, you only get access to the club that you enrolled in originally. All-Club” membership gives you access to all of the clubs, plus any lower access level clubs. 24 Hour Fitness encourages members to explore their options. One-Club membership allows each member a one-day access a “day-use” fee to visit other clubs. The only thing that's required to get going is simply contacting the club you’d like to checkout for to find out the fees for that location. To find out about new clubs that are opening go to New Clubs Coming Soon.

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