crunch fitness locationAs mentioned before, reviewers feel Crunch fitness locations are ideal for many them. So, let’s look at how many locations they have and where they are. Crunch Fitness has 24 full-service locations across the US. This, however, doesn’t include the Crunch Essentials facilities. Crunch Fitness boasts a total of 113 facilities across 19 states in the US. That is an incredible amount of facilities, so chances are there’s probably one close by. In the world of fitness, location is everything. Crunch seem to have a good hold on that and is continues to expand. If you want a gym that is available where you are, then this is probably the gym for you. They have locations in some of the busiest areas in the US, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and many more. Not to worry, though! Just because they are found in a lot of major cities doesn’t mean that you can’t find one in the quieter areas of Nebraska, for example. Nebraska is home to a Crunch Essentials fitness facility in the city of Omaha.

What’s even more exciting about the locations of these fantastic facilities is the fact that their locations just make it easier to go about daily life. I mean, what’s not to like about having your favorite gym just down the road from you? The place where the staff know who you are and welcome you with a friendly smile in a No Judgment atmosphere.

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