david barton gym locationsOver the last few decades, David Barton Gyms have sprouted up across the United States. Mainly based in highly populated, high traffic cities, David Barton Gym has found a niche well to do areas.

Spread across New York City, David Barton Gyms can be found in Chelsea, Uptown, Astor Place, and Christopher Street. Each location has its own distinct features and style, all representing the look and feel of The Big Apple. Located in convenient districts, if you are in or around New York City, there is sure to be a gym that suits your needs.

Prime Locations

David Barton Gym Miami and David Barton Gym Las Vegas are both located in the heart of their cities and was designed with the beautiful Miami and Viva Las Vegas weather in mind. There are classes that range from yoga to ab building, ensuring you’ll be ready for the beach and the pool when you need to be - all year round. These locations are easy to find and have free parking for members, taking the hassle of finding a quick workout out of the equation.

There are also locations in Seattle, Chicago, and Boston, so there’s no excuse to not workout when the weather outside is cold and rainy. David Barton Gym has set up shop in central locations in both cities to allow you to reach the gym wherever your day has taken you.

Unlike most other gyms franchises, David Barton Gym is affiliated with another group, as well. If you are looking for a high quality gym in Honolulu, David Barton Gym suggests checking out Island Club and Spa. Similar to their gym, Island Club and Spa is a high quality space to achieve a better you.

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