David Barton Gym: Pricing, Fees & Membership

david barton gym membership feeDavid Barton Gym is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to quality and price. Members have the option to pay either monthly fees or one annual fees. Memberships can be purchased for a single user or as a dual membership, which is great when you and your partner are looking to get fit, together. Monthly fees usually run somewhere between $109 and $220 and annual fees are between $1,310 and $2,616, for single and dual memberships, respectively. Member are permitted to use the gym as much as they please throughout  There will also likely be increased dues if you decide to take advantage of all that David Barton Gym has to offer. Although purchasing a membership for two people versus a single membership doesn’t seem to make a difference in the cost, there are some monetary benefits.

Location Matters

The one time initiation fee is $250 for both types of membership, saving you half that price when you sign up with a partner. Likewise, the cancellation fees for both memberships are $300, so if you both decide that you don’t want to continue your membership, you can save $150 that you wouldn’t have been able to with a single membership.

Because every David Barton Gym’s fees may vary slightly depending on location, giving your local location a call about specific details is always a good idea. If you feel the need to check out the gym before jumping straight into a membership, David Barton Gym offers tours to prospective members. You will be given a free one-day pass to checkout all that the facility has to offer to decide if they gym is right for you.

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