free gym membershipFinding a deal at an Equinox club can be difficult, but is possible with the right timing. Like the cost of a membership fee, each location has its own discounts, though they tend to be somewhat widespread in certain areas when they happen.

The best way to find a deal is to go onto Equniox’s website periodically, though a majority of the time, discounts are mainly for individuals who are looking to sign up, instead of existing members. If you are seriously considering a membership at your local club, be sure to check out the deal that they are offering to potential members, and make sure it is the best you can get. From discounted initiation fees, to a free training session, when you sign up at Equinox there will surely be some deal to be had.

Equinox does not typically hand out freebies in the form of training sessions or classes, and finding a discounted rate on your monthly membership fees is rare. Likely they don’t want to look any less like the high quality fitness club that they are. They have a reputation to hold up, and unfortunately for the rest of us, sometimes this means less savings.

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