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What Types of Guest Passes Are Offered?

Equinox’s main priority is making sure their members are happy and satisfied with their facility. Especially for those who are not yet members, Equinox wants everyone to get a taste of what life is like at Equinox. For this reason, the club offers everyone the opportunity to try their facility out. Unlike other gyms you may have tried in the past, an Equinox guest passes allows the potential member or guest of a member to try their club for seven days. The length of some passes may differ, but most are seven days which gives the guest free range to all of the amenities that a regular member is entitled to. Equinox does charge a fee for these trials, similar to a down payment, that is given back in full if you do not decide to join. The fees range from club to club but can be anywhere from $10 to $50. Not a steep price when you discover all of the assets of Equinox that set this club apart from the rest.

Why People Choose Equinox

It’s a pretty great deal considering all that you get to test and try while you are a guest at Equinox. From group classes to sport courts and swimming pools, even if you decide to go in another direction after the trial is over, you are sure to have a fitness experience like no other. Give it a try for yourself and find out why thousands of people across the country choose Equinox everyday.

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