equinox gym locationsThere are eighty one Equinox gyms up and running, with a grand total of thirty three located where it all started: New York. On seemingly every corner of the city, and throughout Westchester and Long Island, Equinox facilities are always filled with people ready ready to conquer the Concrete Jungle. Equinox has nine clubs in Uptown, eight in Midtown, eight Downtown, two in Brooklyn, three locations on Long Island, and three in Westchester, too.

If you are located to the north or south of the Big Apple, in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or New Jersey, you are in luck. Equinox has fitness clubs in Darian and Greenwich, CT, four clubs throughout the Boston area, and two in New Jersey. Each is conveniently located in easy to reach spots, taking the hassle out of having to worry about finding the gym, and then having to park far away.

Prime Locations

There are three Equinox facilities located in and around Washington D.C., helping set the tone for the city who is dipping its toes in the fitness world. No matter which direction you live or commute through to get to the city, there is sure to be an Equinox club nearby.

Chicago, Illinois is the home to four fitness clubs managed by Equinox, all of which were crafted to look and feel like the Windy City itself. Each facility incorporates the multicultural, urban, and suburban feel of Chicago, allowing you to feel at home while you get fit. The Equinox clubs in Chicago are located in The Loop, Lincoln Park, Highland Park, and the The Gold Coast Historic District.

Miami is one place where health and wellness is apart of everyday life, in order to keep up for year round bikini weather. Equinox took advantage of this, opening four clubs throughout the Miami area. From South Beach to Aventura, there are Equinox clubs designed with open floor plans and large windows, to take in the Florida sunshine, 365 days a year.

There are three Equinox clubs located in every corner of Dallas, Texas, that offer exceptional training and state of the art equipment. The Dallas locations were built in areas that could be accessible to all in and around the city, landing in Highland Park, Preston Hollow, and River Oaks.

Nationwide Spread

Spread across the state, Equinox has clearly found huge success in California. With twenty two facilities up and running in Southern California, and another five in the northern part of the state, if you are anywhere near these two areas, there’s an Equinox around the corner. Check one out for yourself, and hey, if that location isn’t working for you, stop by around the corner at another.

Unlike most U.S. owned and operated fitness companies, Equinox has spread its wings to the United Kingdom and Canada. Located in the heart of Toronto, CA, Equinox has one club in the financial district, another opening soon on Yorkville, and likely more to come. If you find yourself in London, the Equinox facility near Royal Parks is a must try. With beautiful architecture to mimic the historic city, this Equinox location is one to look out for.

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