Wellbridge Club: Costs, Pricing, Memberships, & More

Wellbridge Amenities

Wellbridge free trial membership

Being a member at a Wellbridge clubs has dozens of perks, mainly the number of amenities that come with the price tag. Members have access to everything that their location has to offer, which can be overwhelming because of just how much there is to see.

From sport courts where volleyball, basketball, racquetball, and handball can be played, to state of the art cardio and strength training machines, Wellbridge has it all. Everything that you could need in equipment to shape, sculpt, and can be found in the club. The facilities have indoor and outdoor pools for recreational or fitness use, and can be used year round. Locker rooms are equipped with all of the essentials, decked out with showers and lockers that can be rented to or purchased by members.

Group Classes and Kids Clubs

All of the Wellbridge clubs’ group exercise classes come with a membership, except pilates, which can be purchased separately. There are usually one hundred and fifty classes per month, so you can definitely get your money's worth.

Another amenity available to Wellbridge members are services catered to kids. Not only do play areas allow families to be active together, but also give parents the opportunity to get a great workout in while the friendly and qualified Wellbridge staff watches over them for up to two hours. Your child will without a doubt love coming to Wellbridge, giving you some guilt free alone time to focus on yourself.

Membership Fees

Wellbridge does not disclose their fees to the public, and can be found by making an appointment or giving the location you are interested in, a call. The Wellbridge team understands that they offer their members much more than most fitness clubs, and have decided that they do not want members to be scared away by a somewhat high membership fee until they truly get to see just how much you get out of being a member at one of their clubs. Most likely, the Wellbridge monthly fees are between $150 and $200 depending on the location, plus a $200 enrollment fee and a cancellation fee.

Although their clubs are on the higher end as far as price is concerned, there are lots of luxuries in Wellbridge’s facilities that make the extra money worth it!

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