Rachel Fast

I’ve always been nervous about working out around other people. I would always imagine that I was being judged by them. That they’d look at me and assume that I loved doughnuts too much or something stupid. So naturally I tried to find gyms with a lot of beginners like me in attendance. I tried to use google, but the results were very generic and didn’t give much in the way of personal experiences. Searching for gym reviews or “Best gym in Miami for beginners” also didn’t go very far.

That was when I stumbled onto Gymsight.com, and they made the process incredibly easy for me, it was a no-brainer. Their gym locator and reviews made the process feel effortless and efficient. 10/10, I’d recommend Gymsight.com to any beginner like me trying to find a place that they feel comfortable working out in.

This site is probably the most convenient and thorough gym locator that I have ever used. From the get go it was easy to search based on what I needed. A lot of locators don’t give you that.